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Designing Your Safety

We provide a wide range of anti-intrusion product certified according to the highest European parameters to protect your home and the people who live in it
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Guardian Angel

The actual situation induces citizens and their families to ask for products which can guarantee safety inside their homes.

In particular they ask for windows and doors that can ensure high anti intrusion levels and greater resistance to lock pickings and forcing.

For these reasons in collaboration with MAICO, a leading company in the production of burglarproof system for windows,  we have developed  windows and entrance doors aimed to discurage criminals.
Our entrance doors and windows are certified "attack proof".

Our tests demonstrate that our products can hold out against an attack of 15 minutes of wich 12 minutes of "study" using tools like wedges pliers, screw drivers, scissors and hammers, and 3 minutes of real attack.

These kind of windows have also a grat resistence against hard and massive strokes.

These features are obtained thanks to the use of a special burglarproof system and through specials realizing structures such as:
- 68 mm thick frames and shutter for windows
- the glass is not sealed with  silicon but glued with a certified adhesive
- MARTELLINA A BOTTONE O A CHIAVE certified EN: high resistence against a 100 Nm wrest and rotation.
- specific frame assembling techniques
- high featured frames
- specific laying techniques

New bioachitecture windows and doorsimmagine news 1

The increasing demand of specific windows and doors for bioachitectural building projects, has led our factory to develop specific ranges of products.
Our last project is represented by a foldaway motorized sliding shutters innovative system composed by a "sandwich" structure and stainless steel internal fence insert among two wooden faces.

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New operating computerized machine

The aim of this process is to renew and improve the production cycle, using an innovative operating machine that could reduce working dead-time, production waste and low profile workforce.
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